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Sales Partnership

Interested in becoming our sales or business partner?

Contact us today!

Jinlin HK partnership wants to give you a space for building partnership cooperation in B2B sales and get some extra income . Partner with us in a win-win situation that expands your pocket, supports our B2B sales & helps you develop your future distributorship projects .  We operate webinar events frequently. If you are interested about being our business partner, you are very wecomed to attend our online events.
Register as a member and get notifications of our upcoming events! Don't worry if you miss them, you can watch live playback on our social media platforms .  Introduce us a potential customer and get rewarded for bringing quality sales leads online or offline for every successful sales. 


You can choose the option of supporting us  through digital marketing via Facebook , LinkedIn , Twitter , and Instagram
Sign in into the website
& use the tool for pro moting our products on the dashboard & track your commission. (check the pic below) 


What shall I do if I want to start today? Simply Contact us right now! What is the main difference between a Sales Partner and a Business Partner?

Sales Partner
A person who wants to develop its network of sales leads  and customers (wholesalers /retailers ) through the support of JINLIN HK
A person who wants to develop its own B2B business and e-commerce B2B/B2C business, or can refer quite a big customer  to JINLIN HK for a further distributorship partnership. PS: Every sales partner can develop into a successful business partner

How shall I get familiar with the products?

After the registration, try to get familiar with the company's background and the product portfolio from our weekly livestreams available from our website & social media accounts.  Follow us on social media platforms for regular updates. Use the content we upload for your marketing activities and get sales leads. Refer the sales leads to the company.
LinkedIn:Jinlin (HK) Smoking Accessories


What information shall I get before I refer my quality sales lead to Jinlin HK?
Before referring to any quality sales lead, inquire the following from the customer:

Name of the country of the customer's business activities: for shipment and customs clearance reasons
Contact information  
Nature of business: wholesaler, distributor, retailer, small shop, etc.

Type of product and quantity the customer is planning to order  

Benefits of Being Our Partner

Competitive Product
JINLIN HK offering unique complete product range of smoking accessories. Our product lines are still growing fast. Private label and customizations are available.
High Profit
Boost your profitability with multi-tiered margins and sales incentives.
High Profit
Boost your profitability with multi-tiered margins and sales incentives.
Marketing Support
Professional marketing and selling support for your local market.
Custom Service
Customize design and private label service are available to help you to be unique and more competitve in your market.

Start-up package
We provide a wide range of products choices and discounts for our new partners. 

Pre-sale support
Access to media resources of all products.



Contact JINLIN HK and leave your contact information, our customer service staffs will contact with you ASAP;
Ask us for products knowledge resources you are interested with and be familiar with them;
- Plan your potential customers and network;
- Keep contacting with JINLIN HK for more support;
- Place orders at special partnership rates